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The Corvidae Cabal reveres curiosity.

Knowledge often gets compartmentalized. By breaching fences ideas become something else. Cross-pollination gives shape to new beasts.

Creativity. Wonder. Exploration. Inquiry. Research.

There are no experts here.

Be a multi-media exploration of big and small questions. The answers are not the goal. There is only the hope that our intuition evolves to ask better questions. I’ve struggled to find the right way to do what I want to do with this. The right way is to do it and seem what comes next. Your input is welcome.

The idea first came to me in 2008 to pull together – anonymously – writers, artists, and musicians to explore the confines of traditional perceptions. The Cabal has existed since then with no promotion. The site had a moderate period of activity early on before falling dormant. Some of those original pieces may surface in the archives or as revised new content.

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