Release – In Peculiar Air

In Peculiar Air is the last of the 4 releases that make up the Initiation Demos. The tracks on this release focus more on a sense than on anything concrete. There are times, for me In Peculiar Air_cover_rgbanyway, where it feels like the air is different. Where it feels like it was present for something remarkable, terrible, or uncanny. There are places that have that sense to be sure, but it can also sneak up on you on the front porch, out in the woods, or in the long hallways of an office building. The atmosphere just has a sense that it’s carrying some secret. It a can be a fleeting thing, but something that I often notice.

The music is available on Bandcamp for $4 here. Since this is the last of them for now, I’ll get them up on other digital and streaming services before too long.



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