Release – Betwixt & Between

Betwixt & Between is the 3rd of the four Initiation Demos. The focus on this one is on the Betwixt_Between_cover_rgbliminal and window areas, that appear in certain corners of the world where high strangeness seeps through more often than in other places.

A lot of the inspiration came from George P. Hansen’s book, The Trickster & The Paranormal, as well as places like the Bridgewater Triangle, The San Luis Valley,And numerous other areas I hope to explore more here.

The middle area goes by several labels: liminality, interstitiality, transitional space, betwixt and between, anti-structure. These are dangerous positions, situations, and statuses. They break down categories, classifications, and boundaries. Violation of the boundaries was taboo and brought the wrath of the gods.

The music is available on Bandcamp for $4 here. Once all 4 are out, I’ll get them up on other digital and streaming services as well.


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