Release – Call Of The Absurd

Call of The Absurd_cover_rgbCall Of The Absurd is the second of the 4 Initiation Demos. This one includes 8 tracks, and runs about 39 minutes long. The focus of this release, and the title, comes from a phrase from Bernardo Kastrup. Kastrup uses it as a bit of a catch of for unusual phenomenon from across the experiential spectrum and breaks this down well in his book Meaning in Absurdity: What bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality.

The gist of it is perhaps best distilled by this break down of Patrick Harpur’s work.

To Harpur, the calls of the absurd are protrusions into our consensus reality of phenomena anchored in the daimonic realm: a realm that is both material and immaterial; both fact and fiction. Thus, ‘daimonic reality’ is a kind of intermediate realm between the physical and the spiritual, between reality and imagination, embodying characteristics of both. Harpur identifies this realm with what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious,’ although Harpur – more explicitly than Jung – does not restrict the daimonic to the inside of our heads alone. In the realm of the daimonic, the imagination operates in its most natural form: through analogical – not literal – thinking; through metaphor, not causally closed modeling. – Bernardo Kastrup

These are some of the ideas behind these tracks, and both Kastrup’s and Harpur’s work will surface in these pages again I am certain. The thread that runs through the tracks on the release loosely follows ideas related to the abduction motif. I think it is a larger and more complex  phenomenon than is popularly believed, because those experiences aren’t limited to encounters with “UFOs”. That is where the above comes in for me.

A common denominator across all the models and metaphors of the absurd, is their tendency to blur the boundaries between the inner reality of mind and the outer reality of the world. The dichotomy of subjectivity versus objectivity, which reigns supreme in our culture, seems to be the major stumbling block in any attempt to make sense of the phenomena – Bernardo Kastrup

The music is available on Bandcamp for $4 here. Once all 4 are out, I’ll get them up on other digital and streaming services as well.




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