The focus of The Cabal is on mystery of all shape, size, and personality. The journey is the motivator because there are no answers at the destination. The thought experiments, curiosity, and erratic narrative are far more enchanting than an answer that wobbles on feeble legs.

Historically, scientific facts evolve. The facts of our current science will  evolve. They are not facts. They are our best guess based on what we know at any given time. They are unable to explain even common universal actions because the nature of reality is still well beyond our ability to comprehend it. We are not running the right tests or asking the right questions. We may never.  We have approximations and have muddled through well enough, that’s nothing to disregard to be sure. It is, however, dubious to believe that we  understand anything definitively.

 It is a modern error to take mysteries literally—that is, to turn them into problems that then have to be solved. We cannot solve mysteries—we can only enter into them; and then it is we who are solved or dissolved—transformed in such a way that we see the “problem” quite differently, as a delightful paradox, for instance, like the traditional cultures who are unworried by the contradiction between soul and body.  – Patrick Harpur – The Secret Tradition Of The Soul

I don’t know what the course is. Through dialogue, music, art, video and whatever else we come up with we will explore these things in personal, creative,  and investigative ways. There are clues everywhere, and beyond each of them a rabbit hole of questionable value.

We’re off to the witch
We may never never never come home
But the magic that we’ll feel is worth a lifetime
– Ronnie James Dio – The Last In Line


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