The Corvidae Cabal has been gestating since 2008. A previous version of the site existed quietly for a couple of years back then. Some of those old posts may resurface here, but that incarnation never quite found a footing.

“In short, my friends, what I find that I am saying is that our schizophrenic patient is actually experiencing inadvertently that same beatific ocean deep which the yogi and saint are ever striving to enjoy: except that, whereas they are swimming in it, he is drowning.” – Joseph Campbell – Myths To Live By

Our experiences are defined by our personal points of reference. The same circumstances translated onto the canvas or the page, relayed to the spiritually minded, or shared with someone holding a Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will be interpreted based on their points of reference.  Is it the experience that differs, or the perception of the experiencer? Perception is reality. Somewhere in the continuum Campbell refers to, the artist paddles in that ocean deep.

“The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.” – Salvador Dali

Are the madman, shaman, artist, dreamer, fringe scientist, and Fortean having different experiences, or are they simply using different language? By exploring avenues that aren’t viewed at their crossroads often enough:  science, folklore, art, fiction, history, music, spirituality & culture, there may be similarities to unearth.

Through seeking any commonalities of otherness that flow beneath the surface, might we find that the otherness is more monolithic than it would seem? The aim is to explore that not just with text but music and visuals as well. This is the underlying premise of what you will see here.

It will, be obscured at times, but even then I hope it is at least curious to behold.


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